Lise (lisefrac) wrote,

Begin as you mean to go on (2015 resolutions)

As I said yesterday, my goal for 2015 is to do more of the same--more writing, and more reading.

Let's call this my 50/50 year.

Write 50% of the days. (Where "write" = "do something writing-related." It could be editing, outlining, submitting, or character noodling, too. I'm pretty good about not getting caught up in process, so I trust myself with this guideline).

Read 50 new books. This is a big jump over last year, I realize, and an ambitious goal for me. But I really, really need to rediscover reading as a primary hobby. It is such an important part of being a writer, and when I do love a book, I love it down to the squeal. It's just that so often I get caught up in books I'm only meh about.

Also, you know. Fifty is a nice round number. I'm not ashamed to admit that's a motivator ;)

Today, I had brunch with an eclectic list of friends at Zaftig's Deli in Natick (including someone I hadn't seen for over a decade), shopped for fabric for Ianthe's costume, and came home and wrote about 700 words. Leigh Bardugo was doing a thing today she called Begin As You Mean to Go On (BAYMTGO), and that is the spirit I would like to get into.

I did not dream of eggplant, Mt. Fuji, or falcons. Nor were there any double yolks in my eggs. I'll live without the portents.
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